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Lazeo Uccle

Center for laser hair removal & aesthetic medicine

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The Lazeo Uccle teams welcome you in a friendly atmosphere, with the utmost safety and in full compliance with health measures.

The 1st consultation is free at Lazeo Uccle!

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  • Why choose laser hair removal at the Lazeo laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine center in Uccle?

    At Lazeo, we offer effective and painless laser hair removal. Our lasers are suitable for all skin types and adapt to your skin’s melanin for slower hair regrowth. They can also handle all hair types, light to dark. A laser hair removal session lasts approximately 20 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. After a few sessions, you will notice a significant reduction in hair.
    Our team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals who will accompany you throughout your treatment.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

  • What is the procedure for an injection session at the Lazeo laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine center in Uccle?

    The Lazeo laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine center in Uccle offers many treatments in the form of injections to treat different problems: a nose deemed to be hunchbacked, lips that are too thin, visible wrinkles or dark circles that are too hollow. Botox and hyaluronic acid injections are performed by doctors experienced in the field of aesthetic medicine. It is not very painful because the doctor applies a local anesthetic before injecting the product. Before any session, the doctor makes the diagnosis of your skin and will suggest a suitable treatment according to your skin type and your needs.
    Botox injection is a very effective technique to fight against expression lines. Botox is a substance that inhibits muscle contraction. Hyaluronic acid is a product naturally present in our body. It fills in deep wrinkles and fine lines.
    Botox and hyaluronic acid injections are therefore a non-invasive method, unlike cosmetic surgery, so they do not require convalescence and the effects are natural.

  • How to get to the Lazeo laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine center in Uccle?

    Lazeo laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine center in Uccle is located in the city center at Rue Xavier de Bue 13. It is located in a shopping street where there are many restaurants and shops. To get there by public transport, the nearest bus/tram stops are “Héros” served by bus lines 37, 38, 41, 70, 75 and by tram lines 4 and 51, or “Globe” served by bus lines 38, 43, 70, 75 and by tram lines 4, 51 and 92.
    To access the center by car, it is possible to park nearby at the EFP car park (training center) which is free but is a 20-minute walk away. Otherwise, there are paid parking spaces in the center street.

Lazeo Uccle

Rue Xavier de Bue 13
1180 Uccle
Opening hours
Monday 08:00 to 20:00
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Friday 08:00 to 20:00
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    The Lazeo centers meet the highest standards in patient safety. They are spacious and modern, providing maximum comfort. All our treatments are performed by highly qualified doctors and professionals trained in-house with an ultra-personalized approach for each patient. The centers are equipped with some of the world’s most effective and safest state-of-the-art machines.


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    • Best treatment, Yousra was incredibly professional. She was able to put me at ease because it's the first time I'm doing these treatments, she took the time to explain to me to answer all my questions and taking care of me! - The best service with the best products - Warm welcome - Top professionalism I'm really happy and would recommend Yousra, +1 as she is trilingual (French/English/Spanish)
    • Best treatment, Yousra was amazing, incredibly professional. Very friendly and always explaining everything about the treatment I was doing it. The results of the Hydrafacial+Oxyface was incredible good! I really like and recommend.
    • Awesome customer service every time! Super dedicated team. Would definitively recommend.
    • The team of the Lazeo Laser Centre is one of the most experienced, friendly and kind group of people that I had the chance to meet here, since the day I came to Brussels. And the results are amazing!!! Thank u Lazeo.
    • Perfect 👌 very clean and nice place. Girls is super friendly. I am enjoying this service)

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