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Hairiness: our solutions to get rid of unsightly hairs for good

Hair: a real concern for many people.

For women and men alike, hairiness can be a daily struggle because it can make people very self-conscious. Indeed, when hair growth becomes extreme, it can be a real problem on a daily basis and shaving/waxing can become tiresome.
In other cases, hairiness can be a real problem if ingrown hairs occur after shaving, and can even cause infections or cysts! This is why it is important for to get rid of these risky hairs permanently.
The density of body hair varies from one person to another and is greatly influenced by specific factors:

  • Heredity
  • Ethnic origin (a brunette woman will have a greater tendency to have dense body hair than a blond or black woman)
  • Hormonal changes (body hair growth starts at puberty and is disrupted at menopause, with the growth of isolated facial hair, for example. Taking male hormones stimulates body hair growth)

The hair and its life cycle:

The hair is a kind of shaft that forms under the skin and comes out through the thousands of follicular pores on the surface of the skin. It can have different colors, sizes and shapes (curly, straight, etc.) depending on the person’s ethnicity. Hair is more or less concentrated on the body and the face depending on the individual and the area.

For women, hair is found especially on:

  • The pubis
  • The calves
  • The armpits

For men, it can be found especially on:

  • The face (beard)
  • The torso
  • The pubis
  • The entire legs
  • The back
  • The arms

In fact, men have much more body hair than women because they develop hormones that stimulate hair growth.

The hair is formed in the bulb, which is 1.5 mm deep under the skin in the dermis. In the bulb, the root and matrix of the hair are formed.

The hair grows more or less quickly depending on each person but everyone’s hair has the same life cycle, which is divided into 3 very precise phases:

  • The anagen phase: this is the period of hair formation and growth where the concentration of melanin is determined.
  • The catagen phase: this is the stable period of hair growth.
  • The telogen phase: this is the period of old age and death of the hair. It falls out and makes way for new hair.

How is it possible to get rid of body hair for good?

There are different methods to get rid of body hair such as shaving and waxing. However, these methods do not allow you to eradicate hair permanently.

Therefore, to get rid of body hair once and for all, or to simply make it sparse, we recommend:
Laser hair removal: this reliable method gradually eliminates hair in 5 to 8 sessions for the body and in 7 to 8 sessions for downy hair. Our hair removal machines are suitable for all phototypes (skin color) but not to light hair.

At Lazeo, you will receive a free information consultation to learn all about laser hair removal.

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