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Thin lips

Full lips: a sign of beauty and youth

Lips have always been considered one of the most important and attractive features of our face. They reflect our emotions and vitality; full lips are a sign of youthfulness and beauty. Lips are also associated with seduction and love, which is why everyone should take great care of them.

Around the age of 20, the lips look their most beautiful. We associate a full, well-defined mouth with the ardor of youth. However, the composition of our lips and surrounding tissues changes as part of the natural aging process. Sometimes lips can be asymmetrical, which becomes more noticeable as time goes on.

Between the ages of 30 and 40, factors such as sun damage, genetics and smoking play a prominent role in the aging of the lips, leading to a sad or droopy appearance. The lip contours and the cupid’s bow become thinner, which also makes them look less defined.

There are many solutions to maintain the attractive appearance of your lips:

Good hydration throughout the day.
It may seem trivial, but hydration is a key factor in ensuring our skin looks healthy and energized, and this includes the skin on our lips!
We need to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to stay hydrated. Indeed, our body needs to be constantly hydrated to preserve its youthful appearance. Water is not only important for the skin, it is vital for the proper functioning of our entire body.
Next, we should moisturize our lips with lip balms daily,
which will help protect the lips from external aggressions and leave a slightly oily film on the skin, to create a protective barrier against oxidation.

Lip reshaping with hyaluronic acid injections:

Most lip enhancement procedures use natural, biodegradable hyaluronic acid fillers especially developed for the lips, which provide natural, long-lasting results.

The skin on your lips is extremely thin, which makes them particularly vulnerable to aging. Some hyaluronic acid fillers help to smooth lines, reduce dehydrated corners of the lips and bring radiance to dry, tired-looking lips. Others, have more volumizing properties to fill out the lips and define the cupid’s bow, as well as to subtly highlight thin lips in a very natural way.

We only use biodegradable fillers, designed with safety and effectiveness in mind. During your initial consultation with our skilled physicians, we will discuss a lip filler treatment plan that is right for you.

Just as we lose volume in our cheekbones and temples, and dark circles appear under our eyes as we age, lips become thinner over time and lose their sensual appearance. Fine lines and marionette lines also appear, which alter the shape of the lips and take away their smooth and youthful texture.

From the age of thirty onwards lips begin to:

  • become finer
  • dehydrate
  • wrinkle
  • lose their initial shape
  • lose their defined contour
  • become asymmetrical

Young lips are full, smooth, well-defined and free of wrinkles.

Lip reshaping

To plump and reshape the lips, the doctor will recommend injections of a hyaluronic acid that is thick enough to stay in place and provide well-defined volume.

Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable filler that is perfectly tolerated by the body, since we also produce it to keep the skin young.

By injecting the product with a microcannula, the lips will be naturally:

  • Plumped
  • Redefined
  • Reshaped and rebalanced
  • Rehydrated and softened
  • Smoothed
  • Rejuvenated

Thanks to hyaluronic acid injections, you will achieve a sensual, full and young-looking lips.

Price: between €360 and €430 depending on the desired lip volume.

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