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Double chin treatment with Coolsculpting

Does your double chin bother you? You can get rid of it!

Many people say that they are happy with their appearance. For others, aesthetic medicine is the perfect alternative to regain self confidence without going under the knife, which very often entails very painful after-effects.

Diet and physical exercise are not always enough to get rid of fat, which can even resist the healthiest diets and lifestyles.

Coolsculpting® Elite is the most effective treatment to eliminate double chin fat without any surgery. If your double chin bothers you and remains stubborn despite all your efforts to get rid of it, Coolsculpting® Elite is a safe and non-invasive option.

What causes a double chin?

A double chin can appear due to several factors: 

  • Genetics
    Genetics is the hereditary biological process through which parents pass on their characteristics, particularly physical ones, to us. For some people, therefore, a double chin is a genetic trait that can be difficult to get rid of.
  • Excess weight
    Almost 49% of French people are overweight or obese. The main feature of excess weight or obesity is stubborn fat. Fat deposits accumulate in certain areas of the body and particularly under the chin, causing a double chin to appear.
  • Posture
    Poor posture affects your physical health and can also cause a double chin. In fact, bending your neck down for long periods changes the jawline and can make a double chin more prominent.
  • Aging
    Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. As we age our body does not produce as much collagen, which causes a decrease in elasticity.

How does Coolsculpting work on a double chin?

Coolsculpting® Elite is a cryolipolysis device that help to eliminate fat using cold temperatures. The fat cells are destroyed with its controlled cooling system without damaging the surface of your skin. The body then naturally eliminates the dead cells, sculpting the facial contours. In general, one session is enough to achieve good results.

During the session, a gel pad is applied to the targeted area to protect the skin from the cold. Next, an applicator is applied and will suck the fat then deliver a temperature of -11 degrees for 45 minutes, helping to destroy the fat deposits. Three applicators are necessary to treat a double chin.

Once the applicator is taken off the skin, the area, which is still frozen, is massaged for two minutes to break the cells that were treated with the cold temperatures.

As this treatment is non-invasive, you can resume your daily activities straight after your session.

The results of the treatment

The results are not visible immediately. The metabolism must eliminate the destroyed cells in the weeks following the treatment. The results start to become visible one month after the session and best results are seen after three months.

There are minimal, temporary side effects, including mild swelling on the treated area, redness or itching.

Does this treatment have any side effects?

The treatment’s side effects are generally minimal. They can include bruising on the treated area, redness, a slight tingling or warm sensation and temporary numbness. Patients rarely report persistent pain. 

After two or three weeks, the targeted fat pocket should start to decrease in size. 

Is this treatment painful?

Some mild tightness and a cooling sensation are experienced at the start of each CoolSculpting session, but they quickly subside. The most uncomfortable part is massaging the area after removing the applicator, but this step is necessary and must not be forgotten. After the session has finished, the patient may feel some mild itching as the tissues start to warm up.

Photos Before/After Coolsculpting for a double chin

Price of the Coolsculpting treatment for a double chin

The average cost of this treatment at Lazeo is €1,500 for 3 applicators to achieve an even and long-lasting result. 

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