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What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive slimming procedure which eliminates unwanted fat thanks to a treatment that uses cold temperatures, without any surgery. When fat cells are frozen, they crystallize and are eliminated by the body gradually and naturally.

The term “cryolipolysis” is made up of three words of Greek origin: Cryo (cold), lipo (fat) and lysis (destruction), which literally means “the destruction of localized fat (adipose tissue) using cold temperatures”.

In the 70s, two doctors noticed that children who ate ice-cream to soothe their toothache had increasingly visible dimples. Ten years later, Dr Manstein and researcher Rox Anderson of Harvard University started investigating the interaction between cold temperatures and fat. And thus cryolipolysis was born!

In France, two types of lypolysis techniques for aesthetic purposes can be performed: surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures, including cryolipolysis, which is currently one of the most commonly used in aesthetic medicine.

Who is cryolipolysis for?

This treatment is suitable for men and women who have areas of localized fat that do not disappear despite a healthy lifestyle and diet. It is possible to reshape the body without resorting to surgery! This treatment is not therefore exclusively intended for women. Lots of men and athletes who fail to get rid of their stubborn fat choose cryolipolysis.

Patients often use cryolipolysis around the stomach, double chin, arms or inner thighs or love handles or even saddlebags.

This treatment has been designed as a true alternative method to liposuction, which is a cosmetic surgery procedure entailing more complicated postoperative effects. Sculpt your body as you wish and get rid of your stubborn fat.

What happens at a cryolipolysis session?

Before receiving any treatment, a first consultation with a doctor for information purposes is required. A clinical examination is then carried out in order to establish if you are eligible for treatment and if you do not have any contraindications.

Cryolipolysis is performed at a later stage. A gel pad is placed on the area to be treated, then the applicator or applicators is/are positioned. The temperature of the applicator will gradually drop to -10° C, thus sufficiently cooling fat cells to destroy them.

During the following weeks, the body will eliminate the fat cells destroyed following the treatment naturally.

The advantages of cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis has several advantages: this treatment does not require any anesthetic or needles! Also, the skin will not be damaged and the treatment allows for a swift recovery after each session, since it does not require any time away from social activities. Moreover, the results are permanent if you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet.

The side effects of this procedure are minimal. Some redness and a feeling of tightness may occur after the session. In extremely rare cases, bruising, tingling or numbness are possible.

Contraindications to treatment

Cryolipolysis is not suitable for you if:

  • you are a minor,
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • you have a pacemaker,
  • you have circulatory disorders,
  • you are diabetic,
  • you suffer from skin infections,
  • you have cancer,
  • you have an immune disorder,
  • you suffer from a disease such as cryoglobulinemia or Raynaud’s syndrome,
  • you suffer from chronic diseases.

Although the treatment is extremely effective, in some cases it might not be indicated, and specifically if you are obese. Surgery and appropriate dietary monitoring will therefore be the most adequate solution to your situation.

Prices for cryolipolysis at Lazeo

Prices vary depending on the areas to be treated and on your treatment plan established during the first free consultation. Each person has a different body and shape.

Therefore, it is essential to have an initial consultation at Lazeo so that we can propose a treatment plan tailored to your needs. If you wish to treat several areas, we will guarantee reasonable and decreasing prices to reshape your body as you wish!

Cryolipolysis is a complementary treatment for weight loss. However, it does not replace a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity.  

TreatmentsPrice / Session
4 CoolAdvantage applicators:
Duration of treatment 35 mins
€450 / applicator
5 CoolAdvantage applicators:
Duration of treatment 35 mins
€420 / applicator
6 or more CoolAdvantage applicators:
Duration of treatment 35 mins
€400 / applicator
Duration of treatment 1hr 15 mins
Coolmini double chin:
Duration of treatment 45 mins with 3 applicators
Coolmini (other areas):
Duration of treatment 45 mins
€500 / applicator

What machines are used for cryolipolysis at Lazeo?

La référence en matière de cryolipolyse est le Coolsculpting® Elite, des laboratoires Allergan.  

Its Coolcontrol® and FreezeDetect®  sensors control skin temperature throughout the treatment for optimal safety. It is the safest and most effective machine in the world. With its two arms, it also treats two areas at the same time!


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