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What is aesthetic mesotherapy?

Traditionally, mesotherapy was known for its slimming benefits. However, today, the medical profession has also recognized the effectiveness of this treatment on the appearance of the skin:

Mesotherapy, also known as poly-vitamin injections, is an effective and quick treatment that does not require any time away from social activities and involves injecting non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential minerals into your skin. Mesotherapy micro-injections stimulate the skin’s elasticity, improving its hydration and evening out the complexion. The treatment is performed without anesthesia and the “radiance boost” effect is immediate.

What happens at a mesotherapy session?

A mesotherapy microinjection treatment session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each treatment session begins with a thorough examination of the skin and the areas to be treated by the physician. Once the diagnosis has been made, the treatment defined and consent obtained, the physician cleanse the skin with an antiseptic and applies an anesthetic cream if necessary to make the treatment painless.

At Lazeo, the microinjections are performed by the physician with a compressed air gun that delivers a micro dose of mesotherapy through a very fine needle. The injections can be performed on all areas of the face (except the eye and mouth area) and neck, but also on the neckline and hands, which patients forget to treat far too often.

The effects following the procedure

The patient can immediately resume her/his daily activities since mesotherapy treatment does not cause any major side effects and therefore no time away from social activities is required. The skin may be red for a few hours, but the redness clears quickly and can be concealed with makeup. The doctor will tell you when to schedule the next sessions based on your needs and age.

The results

This mesotherapy treatment has an antioxidant effect and stimulates collagen synthesis, resulting in increased suppleness of the epidermis, boosted skin hydration and enhanced skin tone, through the reactivation of cell regeneration processes. The skin becomes softer, more luminous and smoother.

The results are visible immediately after the session, with optimal results from the second day. The effects are long-lasting, provided a course of treatment is completed.

Mesotherapy prices at Lazeo

Mesotherapy treatment price: €150 per session


  • Does mesotherapy hurt?

    The sensation is different for each person, but you may feel a slight pinch when the injection is administered.

  • What is the U225 gun?

    The U225 gun is a very precise tool for painless mesotherapy microinjections on the face and scalp. It is available in many Lazeo centers.

  • What are the potential side effects?

    Side effects are generally minimal and limited to discomfort, bruising or inflammation at the injection site. These usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours. It is recommended to refer to the doctor’s instructions to minimize bruising. An allergic reaction or anaphylaxis is possible, although highly unlikely.

  • What does mesotherapy contain?

    Mesotherapy products vary according to the patient’s indications, but mostly contain vitamins, trace elements, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid and water.

  • What indications can mesotherapy treat?

    There are several indications that can benefit from mesotherapy. The major indications are related to the appearance of the skin: wrinkles, fine lines, dull complexion and skin imperfections.

  • How often should I undergo treatment?

    A package of 5 mesotherapy sessions is recommended to obtain good results, with one session every three weeks.

  • When are the results visible?

    Results depend on a variety of factors, including age, sun exposure, smoking history, diet and lifestyle. On average, patients notice an improvement after 3 sessions. For certain indications such as skin texture, patients see results after the very first treatment.

  • How much does mesotherapy cost?

    Each mesotherapy session at Lazeo costs €200.

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