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Monalisa Touch Laser Treatment

500,000 treatments and 1,000 lasers sold… Discover the CO2 SmartXide² laser technology designed by the Italian company Deka for the MonaLisa Touch treatment.

What is it?

Monalisa Touch is the one and only laser therapy that allows you to treat vaginal atrophy and is recognized worldwide by the scientific community. The laser works by regenerating, reshaping and toning atrophic vaginal tissue, generally caused by a decrease in estrogen. The therapy therefore allows you to reduce or even completely eliminate the most common symptoms that affect the intimate relations of many women, such as fragility of the vaginal mucosa, painful sexual intercourse, laxity and dryness, itching or burning. It is your most reliable solution for treating menopause symptoms.

The benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatment

  • It naturally stimulates and regenerates the vaginal mucosa
  • It combats vaginal atrophy and other disorders related to female genitourinary problems
  • Hydrates the vaginal mucosa

Our machines

SmartXide Touch V2LR: a laser designed by Deka exclusively for the MonaLisa Touch treatment, with its very own features. Equipped with a unique D-Pulse ensuring optimal efficiency without any side effects, as well as fractional energy delivery, which allows only a small percentage of vaginal tissues to be targeted, providing a quick and painless treatment. In addition, there are different types of probes available to suit each patient, for greater flexibility.

What happens at a session

  • The patient lies on a gynecological bed and the physician makes sure that the area to be treated is clean, dry and that there are no residues of creams, lotions or other substances that can block the laser
  • The physician selects a probe suitable for the patient
  • The physician scans the area with the laser using a reflective system for a swift, simple treatment with maximum comfort for the patient
  • The treatment consists of a total of 4 sessions, with 3 to 4 weeks between the first three sessions, and the last session takes place one year later


The patient must be in good health and must not have any infectious or inflammatory diseases


  • Visible after one session
  • Relieves unpleasant symptoms such as dryness, inflammation, vaginal discharge, etc.
  • Restores genital physiology
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