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Laser equipment

The Lazeo center uses the most effective laser hair removal machines on the market. To select the right machine, the physician must consider the patient’s phototype. They will use a traditional laser for white skin with dark hairs and a special laser for olive, mixed-race and black skin.

These are the two types of laser that we use:

Alexandrite for white skin:

It is undoubtedly the most widely used laser in the world. This laser has a wavelength of approximately 750 nm, which is particularly effective on phototypes 1 to 3. The laser diameter can go up to 1.8 cm. The light beam is violet and targets the melanin in the hair. With a pulse time of about 5 thousandths of a second, the laser turns into heat of around 80°C and destroys the hair root. For greater comfort, the machine is equipped with a cooling system that is activated with each laser pulse on the skin. This type of laser is prohibited for use on dark skin, because it cannot distinguish between the melanin in the skin and the hair, and would cause skin burns.

The Nd Yag laser for olive, mixed-race and black skin:

This is the only laser able to treat dark skin. This laser has a wavelength of 1,064 and is strong enough to reach the deepest hairs. This type of laser must differentiate between the melanin in the skin and in the hair. Unlike the Alexandrite laser, it is much weaker to prevent any burns on the skin, but it is more painful. Infrared lasers generally have lower affinity to melanin, which is why the Nd yag laser uses this technology to protect dark skin while being effective on the hairs. Its low intensity requires more hair removal sessions than the Alexandrite.

Olive and tanned skin should not be confused. A tan is a contraindication for laser hair removal whichever machine is used.

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