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Tattoo removal with Discovery Pico Laser

A failed tattoo, a moment of madness, love departed or a fleeting trend… Sooner or later some people regret getting a tattoo. Today, more and more people wish to remove their tattoo since non-permanent solutions are no longer sufficient and so they turn to aesthetic medicine.

Tattoo removal is now one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world.

Thanks to its Pico-Boost technology, the Discovery PICO laser combines energy, power and flexibility in a single machine.

The innovation introduced by Discovery PICO consists in a maximum level of power, thanks to ultrashort pulses that are twice as powerful as any other Picosecond laser for medical applications. This improves the outcome of the treatment by increasing the efficacy on tattoo inks that are difficult to treat with a general reduction in the average energy dose delivered.

How the Discovery Pico laser works

The new Discovery Pico laser makes it possible to safely achieve excellent results for tattoo removal as well as pigmented lesions. In fact, it delivers extremely strong pulses for very short intervals to destroy dermal pigmentation.

The fragmented pigments will be gradually reabsorbed by the body in the weeks following the treatment.

The Discovery Pico Laser is adjustable based on the skin type, depth and pigment of the tattoo. It successfully treats complex cases by avoiding hypopigmentation risks or the creation of atrophic tissue.

What happens at a session

For greater comfort, the physician starts by administering a local anesthetic in the area to be treated. We administer the anesthetic via an injection since it is stronger and more effective than a numbing cream applied locally. However, we are happy to apply a cream, if the patient prefers.

The physician adjusts the laser mode according to the indication to be treated and to the patient’s skin type (light or dark skin). At the end of the session, we recommend applying a thick layer of repairing cream to maximize healing of the treated area.

One session usually lasts approximately ten to twenty minutes. The number of sessions to be planned depends on each tattoo. On average, between 6 and 8 sessions should be scheduled, spaced 6 weeks apart to achieve a good result.

The Nd:yag Pico laser

This laser, from DEKA laboratories, was designed to meet the needs of patients who demand safe and controlled devices with effective results.

A laser source with double Nd:YAG wavelengths simultaneously emits 1 064 nm and 532 nm. This function allows the laser to be operated in Picosecond mode up to an energy of 800 mJ and a power of 1.8 GW.

The Q-Switched Ruby laser

The Q-Switched Ruby laser broadens the range of colors that can be be removed. It is the most effective laser for treating blue and green inks. Thanks to the very high pulse energy delivered by the device, ink molecules are shattered.

The color particles treated via this laser respond very well to nanosecond pulses.

The Lazeo centers offer patients a safe treatment protocol for tattoo removal. Therefore, the risk of scarring or depigmentation is extremely low.

Multiple indications

Discovery Pico Plus is a versatile laser suitable for several indications:

  • Removing all tattoo colors except for yellow.
  • Eliminating dark spots, even the lightest ones (lentigo, café au lait spots, etc.).
  • Treating scars (except for keloids) and acne scars.
  • Removing vascular lesions (birthmarks, angiomas, etc.).
  • Important: we do not treat facial areas (eyebrows, lips, etc.) In fact, there is a risk of depigmentation in this area.

It is suitable for skin types I to VI.

Any kind of tattoo

Discovery PICO is able to treat various tattoo colors, superficial and deep pigmented lesions, also by using Q-Switched emission modes. Another special feature of this laser is the photo-thermal mode which can be used to provide skin rejuvenation treatments.

Rules to be followed for an excellent result:

It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun before, during and after the treatment. It is therefore preferable to plan the sessions during the winter period.

It is important to inform the doctor of any ongoing medical treatment before starting the tattoo removal sessions, since this could actually be a contraindication to treatment. This should be assessed during the first medical consultation for information purposes at Lazeo.

The effects following the procedure and the results of the treatment

This laser preserves the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, and therefore does not leave any scars. Once the tattoo has been removed, no traces are usually visible on the treated area.

The treatment results, and therefore the indications, depend on a number of factors: type of tattoo, color, pigment density, size, etc.

This treatment can cause small scabs in the treated area that will appear a few days after the laser session. These disappear within ten days and do not leave any scars. This is an entirely normal skin reaction. It is advisable to apply a healing cream as prescribed by the doctor to soothe the treated area.

Dark skins lose their pigmentation during treatment and resume their initial color two months later.

Before and after tattoo removal results

Indicative treatment prices

The indicative price for tattoo removal starts at €60 per session. The price depends on the size, complexity and filling of the tattoo.

For a final estimate, a prior consultation with our medical team is required. Do you want to remove a tattoo? Make an appointment for a first free consultation to find out more!


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