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Welcome from the Lazeo team!

We are pleased to welcome you to our Lazeo centers. We give you the chance to improve certain aesthetic features without any time away from social activities.

It is now possible to slim down or rejuvenate your appearance naturally and safely, thanks to innovative and non-invasive techniques.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are here to help you by providing treatments using the most advanced technology.

About aesthetic medicine:

Advances in aesthetic medicine now give everyone the chance to rejuvenate their appearance, slim down or correct an imperfection in a natural and safe way, with real results.

Aesthetic medicine is an alternative to cosmetic surgery in terms of results, with the bonus of not having to experience its disadvantages:

  • No scars
  • No risks associated with general anesthesia
  • No long and painful time away from social activities
  • No postoperative pain
  • No higher costs related to the procedures
  • No hospitalization
  • No irreversible failures

Renowned for its know-how and medical expertise, LAZEO offers the latest innovative treatments to meet the needs of all its customers:

  • Effective and preventive rejuvenating treatments (hyaluronic acid, peels, anti-aging injections, tensor threads, fraxel laser, medical rejuvenation protocol, and many more)
  • Innovative and preventive slimming treatments (cryolipolysis, EMSculpt, medical slimming protocol, etc.)
  • Corrective treatments (peels, Fraxel laser, fractional CO2 laser, etc.)
  • A large platform dedicated to laser hair removal (all skin types are treated at Lazeo: light and dark skin)
  • A micrografting department specializing in the FUE technique

The LAZEO teams welcome you from Monday to Saturday in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

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