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Beard transplant

Beards are a sign of virility and masculinity, and lots of men enjoy sporting their unshaven style while remaining sleek. Whether it is a fashionable trend or because beards are an attractive feature, a sparse and thin beard can cause complexes. With this in mind, at our new Lazeo clinic we offer beard transplants following the same procedure as a micrograft FUE hair transplant.

How does it work?

A beard transplant involves a procedure to extract and harvest hair from the back of the neck thanks to micro-incisions that leave no scars. In this specific area, hair growth is constant, therefore we are easily able to extract grafts and implant them in the beard area.

Grafting steps

  1. Harvesting of the graft: the physician harvests the hairs that look very similar to beard hair one at a time. These will function in the same way as facial hair.
  2. Shape of the future beard: the physician will then draw the future beard according to your wishes and to the possibilities given the number of harvested grafts.
  3. Reimplantation of the grafts: the grafts are implanted in the beard area manually and the hairs will be inserted through a needle. Don’t worry, thanks to a local anesthetic you will not feel any pain.

Things you should know

A beard transplant is a long procedure: first of all, thousands of follicles must be extracted manually from the back of the neck and then implanted where the beard needs to be. This will take several hours. Therefore, the procedure will be performed under local anesthetic and will be painless.


The final results are visible six months after implantation and are long-lasting: there is no need to repeat the procedure. Your beard will be apparent and can even be shaved if you so wish since it will grow back again and, naturally, no scar will be visible. Besides, shaving your beard multiple times can also be beneficial as it will grow back stronger.

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