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Bleaching treatment for facial and body hair

It can be difficult to hide persistent downy hair on the face and body: upper lips, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, central abdomen, etc. And when waxing, shaving, bleaching and applying depilatory creams become aggressive and too much of a struggle (and it’s worse for sensitive skin), there is a long-lasting alternative: the bleaching technique. 

What is bleaching?  

As its name suggests, this aesthetic medicine technique consists of bleaching downy, fine and even dark hair, to lighten it and encourage it to fall out. The process is considered a long-term technique (2 to 4 months).  

Bleaching is suitable for all skin tones, whether fair, medium or dark, and can be performed on small areas where hair removal is difficult, such as the face, neckline, abdomen, and even the arms, where the hair may be too fine for electric removal.  

This long-lasting alternative is also ideal for sensitive or “hormone-dependent” areas, because there is no risk of paradoxical regrowth. In addition, the technique does not involve bleaching products such as hydrogen peroxide, or even bleaching cream, which has quite a long exposure time and can be toxic for the skin.

How does the Hollywood Spectra work?  

The bleaching process is carried out using the Hollywood Spectra, an ND: YAG Q-Switch laser. It emits a long wave for a very short time and destroys the melanin in the hair, which is responsible for its colour. As the pigment explodes, the hair instinctively loses its colour, and falls out in the days following the treatment.  

This technique can be called “long-lasting” because it delivers temporary results for between 2 and 4 months. Bleaching is painless and requires no time away from social activities.  

The treatment can even be carried out during the summer. 

What happens during a bleaching session?  

First, the skin is cleansed so it is well prepared for the treatment. As with any laser session, it is important to use protective eyewear. The medical expert will then sweep over the area to lighten the hair. 

The advantages of this treatment are that it is painless, does not require any time away from social activities and can be carried out in the summer. 

  • The session begins with a skin cleansing procedure to prepare it for the treatment.
  • As this session requires the use of a laser, protective eyeglasses will be provided.
  • The medical expert will then sweep over the area to lighten the hair, which immediately turns blonde. A session lasts between 15 to 45 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

What result can you expect from the bleaching session?  

After the session, you may notice some redness. You can apply a moisturising and healing cream to soothe the reaction to the laser. The hair will fall out on its own (do not pull it out) a few days after the session. 

You should book a session every 2 to 4 months, depending on hair regrowth.  

Bleaching can be performed on all skin tones. However, you should be aware that on dark skin, dark hair or dark down will appear more visible at first before falling out, because it will have been bleached. 

Laser hair removal in combination with bleaching 

It is also possible to combine a bleaching treatment with laser hair removal. If the hair turns out to be too fine (such as on the face), the bleaching technique will be recommended. For thicker hair, laser or electric hair removal may be performed first, then the bleaching technique can be used for persistent downy hair.  

Directions for the bleaching process:  

  • Downy hair
  • Bleaching downy hair
  • Fine hair that cannot be removed with a laser

Contraindications for the bleaching process:

  • No prolonged sun exposure during the laser process (especially 2 weeks to 15 days before/1 week after the laser session) 
  • Always apply SPF 50 sun protection 
  • Do not apply any acne/drying treatments  
  • Not to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.  

Areas treated and prices for bleaching

      • Upper lip 40 €
      • Chin 40 €
      • Sides of face 40 €
      • Cheeks 55 €
      • Full face 100 €
      • Nape of the neck 50 €
      • Neck 50 €
      • Cleavage 70 €
      • Central abdomen 40 €
      • Stomach 70 €
      • Full back 150 €
      • Lower back 70 €
      • Thighs 120 €
      • Buttocks 60 €
      • Forearms 80 €
      • Full arms 150 €


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