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Hand rejuvenation

Like your face, your hands also suffer from the vagaries of time and become more wrinkled, with veins that become more visible. How can you regain youthful hands quickly?

In aesthetic medicine, there are quick, painless and effective treatments to perfect your hands.

Three key treatments are possible:

  1. Hyaluronic acid injection treatment
  2. Treatment with skinboosters
  3. Fraxel treatment

Hand volume filler: hyaluronic acid volumizing injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are used to treat the volume of the back of the hand. The goal is to restore firmness to the hands and to fill in unsightly hollows on the back of the hands and in the spaces between the fingers.

The advantages of this treatment are that it plumps up the volume of the skin on the back of the hands (by erasing the folds) and conceals any prominent veins and tendons. What’s more, it is a fast, almost painless treatment that leaves no scar.

A single session of cross-linked hyaluronic acid performed on the back of the hands fills in unsightly hollows and conceals veins and tendons.

Please note that injections are not possible on tanned skin, and that the sun must be avoided for 3 weeks before and after the session.

What happens at an injection session?

Before the session, it is important to make sure that you are not taking aspirin. To prepare you, the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream one hour before the appointment, under a plastic covering. After thoroughly cleaning the hands, the doctor will place 3 to 4 boluses of hyaluronic acid (injections) in the spaces between the bones, where the hollows are. This is followed by a good massage to distribute the hyaluronic acid evenly on the back of the hand. This entire process is painless. Side effects are possible, but temporary. As is the case after each injection, bruising may appear, and this may be accompanied by swelling and a burning sensation.

The contraindications for this treatment are: allergy to xylocaine or one of the components, anticoagulant medication, diabetes, joint conditions, autoimmune disease or long-term vitamin C-therapy, infection in this site.

The results are immediate. You will regain smooth skin thanks to the plumping of the hollows on the back of the hand.

This procedure is very quick, takes about 20 minutes and its effect lasts about 18 months, with a check-up session 15 days after the injection.

Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy injections restore and hydrate the skin. Mesotherapy is an injection technique that improves skin elasticity and tone and reduces roughness. On average, 2 sessions are recommended at 15-day intervals, in addition to a maintenance treatment once a year.

Before the session: you should avoid taking aspirin and an anesthetic cream should be applied one hour before treatment. After thoroughly cleaning the hands, the physician administers mesotherapy hyaluronic acid injections in the spaces between the bones, where the hollows are. Then, s/he will massage your hands in order to distribute the hyaluronic acid evenly on the back of the hand.

As is the case after each injection, bruising may appear, and this may be accompanied by swelling and a burning sensation, which are not serious and clear within a few days.

The main contraindications are, allergies to xylocaine or one of the components, anticoagulants, autoimmune diseases or a local infection.

The price: €800 for both hands

The Fraxel treatment

The Fraxel treatment is an aesthetic medicine treatment for treating and eliminating age spots and other pigmentation irregularities on the hands.

The Fraxel laser is used to deeply regenerate the skin and renew it on the surface.

It aims to replace the CO2 laser, which had an abrasive effect on the skin by heating it and causing long-lasting and very painful side effects (burning of the skin, oozing, redness for several weeks, or even several months, scabs and, thus, spending time away from social activities was almost always inevitable).

The principle is simple: instead of abrading the skin in a single session as with the CO2 treatment, only 25% is treated each time, in the form of micro-dots spread over the entire face. The microscopic pulses delivered by the laser beam will penetrate the dermis without damaging the epidermis.

The Fraxel laser aims to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, reduce scars and dark spots and refine the skin texture.

With this new Fraxel laser, no time away from social activities is required; the only side effects are a relatively severe sunburn-like effect and swelling, which is easy to conceal under appropriate makeup.

Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types, regardless of color, and for all parts of the face and body.

Sessions can be scheduled in any season, including summer.

Four sessions are required for a full treatment, with a minimum of 15 days between sessions.

The cost of a session is €500.

The sun should be avoided for the duration of treatment, and the treated areas should be protected with a high protection sunscreen. No anesthesia is required, simply a thick layer of anesthetic cream should be applied one hour before the treatment to numb the skin.

A handpiece is then passed over the selected areas 4 times in total, twice vertically, then twice horizontally, in order to create a type of grid.

The laser is quite painful and the higher intensity, the more painful it is.

Some patients even ask for the treatment to be interrupted because the pain seems unbearable, but this varies as each person their own pain threshold.

A burning sensation can be felt, coupled with a warm feeling, which the doctor immediately calms by applying cold air.

At the end of the session, the face is red, and it feels warm, and the skin is swollen, which makes it appear immediately plumped up.

Some people may experience greater or lesser swelling.
You can put makeup on straight after the session if you go back to work.
To calm the laser burn, you can spray your face with mineral water using a spray bottle. A moisturizing and repairing cream must be applied regularly in the days following the procedure. Redness fades more or less quickly depending on the type of skin and the intensity of the laser, and may even peel for a few days.

Contraindications for this treatment include pregnancy, skin marked by the sun, skin prone to keloids, taking roaccutane, bacteriological or viral diseases and allergies to topical anesthetics.

The fraxel laser delivers an action on widespread wrinkles, improves skin texture and reduces dark spots and redness on the back of the hands.

An improvement is visible by the end of the first week following each session.

However, results vary greatly from one person to another and even if some are satisfied with the fraxel laser, others fail to observe any noticeable improvement.

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