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Rhinoplasty without surgery

Surgical rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures in the world. However, it is a complicated and often very expensive procedure. It is not always accessible to all.

It is now possible to correct a nasal defect without surgery using medical rhinoplasty. Bumps, a sunken nose, slightly deviated septum and a hooked nose can all be treated nowadays, mostly thanks to targeted hyaluronic acid injections. Let us clarify a few points.

How does medical rhinoplasty work?

Many patients now look for non-invasive solutions. Renowned for being expensive and painful, nose surgery remains a major procedure. Therefore, certain patients will never opt for this alternative for fear of its postoperative effects, which are somewhat complicated.

Medical rhinoplasty is therefore an excellent alternative for correcting bumps, a sunken nose or deviated septum, etc.. This treatment consists in injecting a specific quantity of hyaluronic acid into key areas to remove the targeted defect.

Medical rhinoplasty is indicated in the following cases:

  • sunken nose or mild bump,
  • adjustment of nose volume,
  • correction of nose asymmetry,
  • improvement of the angle between the nose and the upper lip,
  • correction of a mildly deviated septum.

A filler injection is also indicated for patients who wish to slightly reshape their nose following surgical rhinoplasty.

What are the contraindications of medical rhinoplasty?

Medical rhinoplasty is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Anticoagulants and aspirin,
  • Known allergy to one of the product components,
  • Autoimmune disease.

Medical rhinoplasty is not possible in the following cases: an excessively voluminous, big or over-projected or large nose. Adding hyaluronic acid would only make the nose look more impressive, larger or more projected.

What happens at a session?

It is always carried out after a first consultation for information purposes. The session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Based on the indication, it can be performed under local anesthesia, without anesthesia or with a topical anesthetic (EMLA cream).

The injections are not too painful but some redness or slight swelling around the site of injection may occur. These will clear after a few hours or a few days after the injection, at the latest.

After the injection, you can resume your normal activities since no time away from social activities is required following the procedure.

How much does a medical rhinoplasty cost?

For a medical rhinoplasty, the price starts at €600. Book an appointment for an initial consultation to obtain further information on this treatment.

What are the results?

The results of medical rhinoplasty are instant and can be observed immediately. Since hyaluronic acid is a resorbable product, its effects last between 12 and 16 months depending on the patient. To prolong the results, an annual maintenance treatment is recommended.

In this way, it is possible to remodel the nose and correct its problems without resorting to cosmetic surgery, in a temporary but lasting manner. A true alternative to surgery, due to its feasible effects following the procedure and to its more accessible prices!


  • How long do the results of a medical rhinoplasty last?

    Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, medical rhinoplasty delivers temporary results. The results will last between 12 and 18 months depending on the filler used.

  • Are there any risks?

    The injectable products used at Lazeo are very safe treatments. Swelling, redness, sensitivity and bruising are all temporary and normal side effects. More serious complications, such as infections, are very rare, particularly when the treatment is performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor.

  • Are there any problems that cannot be resolved using the non-surgical rhinoplasty technique?

    Yes. The overall structure of the nose cannot be changed without surgery. This treatment is particularly indicated for slight changes to the nose. The aesthetic doctor is the only person able to determine whether or not this technique is the most appropriate depending on the patient’s concerns.

  • Does it hurt?

    A local anesthetic cream can be used to make the injections more comfortable, and the whole process only takes a few minutes. However, the patient may experience mild discomfort after the treatment. Your doctor will give you some advice about how to relieve this discomfort after the procedure.

  • Which filler is most suitable for my medical and non-surgical rhinoplasty?

    It is recommended to discuss filler options with your doctor. He or she will have the necessary experience to choose the hyaluronic acid suitable for your needs.

  • How old do you have to be to have a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

    Most patients wait until they turn 18 to undergo a medical rhinoplasty. However, this treatment can be performed slightly earlier with the agreement of the parents and doctor in certain cases. In fact, it can be a good alternative for patients who have not finished growing and who are bothered by their nose’s appearance.

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