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Treatment of dark circles with hyaluronic acid

How do dark circles appear?

With age, our face tends to reflect the slightest change in our daily sleep patterns. Physical tiredness is often reflected in dark circles. Despite using creams or temporary make-up, dark circles are pronounced marks that we have trouble getting rid of.

A healthy lifestyle is very important. It is crucial to get a good night’s sleep, on average between 7 and 8 hours. You can then choose cosmetic products to revitalize the eye contour area, but dark circles will not disappear completely.

There are many types of circles, under-eye hollows or dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. Each circle requires a specific treatment.

Different treatments according to the type of circles

  • Dark circles

    These are genetic. Often there is a hereditary causes and dark circles can be found in several family members. Dark circles are purple or a vein-like color.

    In the case of dark circles, the skin is very fine and shows the blood pigments under the dermis. This “transparency” phenomenon makes the skin pigmented.

    The three types of color of circles under the eyes

    • Blue and purple pigmentation: due primarily to the fact that the skin of the lower eyelid is extremely fine. The underlying structures are therefore visible: the bluish veins and the purplish orbicularis oculi muscle.
    • Red pigmentation and presence of micro-vessels: sometimes, circles under the eyes can be red. So when we gently pull on the skin, micro-capillaries are most often visible in a pocket towards the inner corner of the circles. These micro-capillaries are most often caused by the pressure applied by the fat pocket.
    • Hyperpigmentation and dark color: the dark color of the circles is correlated to skin hyperpigmentation. It is more often than not related to the person’s ethnic origin.

    Treatment of dark circles

    There are 2 options for treating dark circles . These are abrasive techniques in that they abrade pigmented skin to help it regenerate with better quality.

    • Vascular laser for red circles. A vascular laser acts by producing a laser pulse that burns the vessel. The effects following the procedure are mild, there will be some redness on your skin, and it will feel overheated, but this disappears a few hours after the session thanks to the application of a moisturizing and soothing cream.
    • Peel, for dark circles. It consists in peeling the skin to reduce the circles under the eyes. The peel treatment creates the perfect condition for the new skin to appear more refreshed, smoother and more supple. We use a mild peel for dark circles since the skin is extremely delicate and sensitive in this part of the face.

    Hyaluronic acid injections to correct the blue and purple color. Treatment of the purplish color is tricky, so we recommend thickening the delicate skin in this area with a filler injection. A good anti-dark circle cream is also important.

  • Hollow dark circles

    Hollows under the lower eyelids are very frequent in men and women. Under-eye hollows tend to be the most annoying as they make the eyes look tired and dull.

    While multiple factors encourage the appearance of under-eye hollows, the main factors are:

    • Genetic predisposition
    • Fatigue
    • Age

    Naturally, at Lazeo, we have treatments that can correct circles and remedy this imperfection with lasting results.

    Treatment of under-eye hollows

    Hyaluronic acid is an effective remedy for the medical filling of under-eye hollows.

    Hyaluronic acid is an essential substance and a natural component of our skin. It helps to hydrate and renew the cells in our skin.

    In medicine it is used as an extremely well-tolerated and biodegradable implant to treat facial wrinkles.

    No tests are necessary as it is not an allergenic substance.

    The result is immediate and it lasts between 9 and 12 months.

    What does a hyaluronic acid injection for under-eye hollows involve?

    The filling of under-eye hollows with hyaluronic acid takes place at a medical practice.

    The filling of under-eye hollows is always performed with very delicate hyaluronic acid that is injected deeply until it reaches the bone so as to avoid any surface irregularities.

    The procedure lasts between 15 and 30 minutes according to the complexity of the dark circles.

    Effects following the procedure and results

    Patients can resume their activities immediately after the injection session. At Lazeo, we always recommend one or two touch-up injections to enhance the work and prolong the effects.

    The effects of the injections in the dark circles last between 12 and 18 months.

  • Bags under the eyes

    The lower eyelids are “full” because the fat in the eye area is blocked and constantly loosens the skin of the lower eyelid. In any case, it is necessary to make a distinction between this phenomenon and puffy eyes which appear first thing in the morning. Morning puffiness is caused by lying on our backs for several hours, which makes lymph accumulate during the night. This phenomenon disappears shortly after waking up.

    To treat these fat pads, the only possible treatment is surgery on the lower eyelids, also known as blepharoplasty.

    In young patients, the procedure is more often performed from inside the eyelid since fat hernias are still limited in volume and the skin is simply loose but there is no excess. This is why the scar remains invisible.

    In older patients, it is often necessary to lift excess skin at the same time: the procedure will therefore be performed more traditionally with a scar just below the lash line.



Price of treatment of dark circles with hyaluronic acid

Starting at €500 and depending on the quantity of product used.


  • How long do the effects last?

    On average, the effects of the hyaluronic acid injections on dark circles last between 12 and 18 months.

  • Will I have any bruising after the injections?

    There is a risk of bruising that may last for 3 or 4 days after the injection. This can be concealed with make-up.

  • Is any special care required after the injections?

    We recommend no exercise for 24 hours following the procedure

  • Are dark circle injections painful?

    Hyaluronic acid injections on dark circles are not as painful as they seem. In fact, most people find the treatment surprisingly comfortable.
    The treatment is performed using a small needle or cannula.
    Before the treatment, your aesthetic doctor can apply a numbing cream to make you more comfortable. At Lazeo, we use a filler that also contains an anesthetic, which makes the whole treatment virtually painless.

  • Are there any side effects?

    As hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the body it is very well tolerated. The only reported side effects are slight bruising and minor swelling where the injection is inserted. They generally disappear within a few days without any intervention.

  • What type of dark circles can be treated with injections?

    You must have hollow dark circles to receive hyaluronic acid injections. Bulging dark circles, also called “puffiness”, would be treated with surgical blepharoplasty instead. The Lazeo doctor will know immediately whether your dark circles are suitable for injections during the initial consultation.

  • How much do dark circle injections cost?

    Cosmetic surgery is often expensive, but the aesthetic medicine alternatives are generally much more affordable.
    At Lazeo, a dark circle injection costs around 500 euros. This price includes a touch-up performed 15 days after the first injection.

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